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Tumble Dryers

Not everyone has a garden or the space to dry all their laundry outdoors. Even if you do, you can’t predict the weather. It’s either too sunny and your clothes become too dry, making ironing a nightmare or it rains and you’re back to square one.

That’s why tumble dryers come in so handy, not only will your clothes be soft, fluffy and dry in no time, there are many extra features such as; ‘sensor dry’ and ‘crease care’ programmes that ensure you can have your laundry just the way you want it.

Fit Type

Where do you want to put your new tumble dryer? Free standing models can slot underneath your worktops with the front of the machine still visible, however if you do not want the appearance of your kitchen to be changed, it may be worth considering a built in model. These models can be placed behind your kitchen furniture and appear completely hidden from view.


These models get rid of moisture by venting it through an outside wall via a tube. They must be situated next to an outside wall to ensure ventilation is possible..


Condenser tumble dryers collect the moisture that evaporates during the cycle and store it in a container that can be emptied. Condensers’ tend to be a little more expensive; however the great thing is they can go anywhere in your home with a power supply.


Most manufacturers work to standard sizes. Just for the record, the standard size for tumble dryers is 60cm wide by 85cm high. When you're ordering, just check the dimensions to make sure you're buying the right size for you.


Like washing machines, tumble dryers come with 5, 6, 7 or 8Kg load capacities. Try not to over fill the machine if you want to minimize creasing. The more space the laundry has to move around the less tangled it will get.

Timer delay

With this timer you are in control of when your washer begins the cycle. Why not program it to start over night when the electricity is cheaper? Another great way to save yourself some money!

Reverse drum

In these models the drums turn in both directions. This helps to reduce tangling and creasing, great for people who hate doing the ironing.

Sensor drying

With this unique feature you can select the dryness you require;

Iron dry – slightly damp for easy ironing.

Cupboard dry – extra dry so you can wear them straight away.

Hanger dry – optimum dryness for hanging without creasing.

The dryer will sense the moisture in the load and stop the cycle automatically when the selected dryness has been achieved

Fuzzy logic

Super intelligent fuzzy logic technology measures the moisture in the clothes so the cycle ends when your clothes are dry. This prevents the dryer from overheating, using excess energy and costing you more money than necessary.

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