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Refrigeration buying guide

Refrigeration appliances are arguably the most important appliances in your home. They provide somewhere safe and hygienic to store your fresh food, ensuring that it is kept in the best possible conditions to preserve taste and freshness.

Modern refrigeration appliances boast handy features such as ‘Frost free’ to eliminate the need for defrosting, ‘Auto defrost’ to minimise the build up of frost at the back of your refrigeration unit plus ‘anti-spill’ shelving to give you a helping hand with the cleaning. The model that is best for you depends on your individual needs and eating habits.

Fit Type

Refrigeration appliances are either; free standing, built into your existing kitchen units and behind your cupboard doors or built under your worktops. What’s best for you is dependent on the space you have available and how you are going to be using your new appliances. Fit types differ from product to product and can be affected by dimensions.

Sizes and capacities

There are many different sizes and split ratios to choose from when deciding on a refrigeration product. What’s best for you depends on what you will be storing.

Many models also come with the benefits of flexible storage, such as; adjustable shelving and bottle racks allowing you to customise your appliance and make the most out of your storage space.

Frost Frees

The air is circulated around the appliance to stop any build up of frost. So, no more time spent scraping ice off your freezer elements and your fish fingers. We’d always recommend going Frost Free.


If you’ve not bought a fridge freezer for a while, Stayfresh might be new to you. It’s a separate compartment kept just above freezing point and some manufacturers say it can double the life of fresh food.

Energy rating

Every appliance carries an industry standard energy efficiency rating label. ‘A’ is the most efficient and best for both your utility bills and the environment. Freezers tend to use slightly more energy than fridges and fridge-freezers use the most.

Anti-bacterial coating

Many models now come with an antibacterial coating making the inside of your fridge somewhere safe to store all of your fresh food. This unique layer prevents the growth and cross contamination of bacteria.

Easy clean shelves

Cleaning the fridge after an accidental spillage needn’t be such hard work with these easy clean shelves. They have lipped edges which collect any liquid and prevent spillage across the appliance. So, all it takes is a quick wipe.


Look for a dishwasher with the features you need. Practical programmes such as; Pre-wash for baked on food, quick wash great when you’re in a hurry or glass-care for your delicate glassware, are usually handy.

Auto defrost

This intelligent feature automatically defrosts the fridge without compromising the food stored inside. By doing this you will be sure to get optimum performance, saving you energy and money off your energy bills.

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