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Dishwasher buying guide

Once you’ve had a dishwasher there will be no going back. Not only can these excellent machines save you from scrubbing and soaking, they can also save you; energy and water. Another great benefit is the extra space. You can hide all your dirty pots inside until you are ready to wash them, keeping your worktops clear!

Fit Type

There is plenty of choice when deciding on a fit type for your dishwasher; it just depends on your kitchen and individual preferences! You can opt for free standing, which can slot under your worktops with the front visible, semi integrated, which are partly covered with the control panel visible (note, these models require a drawer line door), or fully integrated models that are placed behind your kitchen furniture and completely hidden when the door is closed.


There is a dishwasher to suit every kitchen. Full size is ideal for larger families, slimline when there is just the two of you or table top when you have very limited space, ideal for tiny kitchens. It is important to consider the dimensions and available space when choosing all of your appliances.

Place settings

Full-size dishwashers (60cm wide) have room for 12 or more place settings. Slimline dishwashers (45cm wide) can fit 8 or 9 place settings. A Tabletop can hold 4 or more place settings. A place setting consists of a cup, a saucer, a bowl, a side plate, a dinner plate and cutlery.

Storage features

It is sometimes difficult to wash awkward or large items in the dishwasher. There are now flexible storage features to allow you to wash different items easily such as; fold down racks and adjustable baskets, ideal when you’re entertaining.

Energy rating

Did you know you can save up to 11,000 litres of water per household per year using a dishwasher rather than washing by hand?.

Every dishwasher carries an industry-standard energy efficiency rating label. Just like at school, ‘A’ is the best both for your utility bills and the environment. Dishwashers also have a separate rating for drying efficiency. ‘A’ means super-dry plates in no time.


Using a dishwasher to tackle the dishes is more hygienic than washing by hand. Dishwashers can heat the water to higher temperatures which kills more bacteria. Many dishwashers also have anti-bacterial rinses and high temperature programmes making sure your dishes are safer for you and your family to use.

Noise level

The better the dishwasher the quieter it will be. Noise levels around 53dB are pretty good, but some go as low as 42dB, as quiet as a boiling kettle, which means minimum intrusion on your daily life.


Look for a dishwasher with the features you need. Practical programmes such as; Pre-wash for baked on food, quick wash great when you’re in a hurry or glass-care for your delicate glassware, are usually handy.

Time delay & time remaining display

These features give you complete flexibility so you are able to start the wash when you want to, perhaps overnight to save yourself a bit more energy and money. The time remaining feature allows you to see when the load will be completed; putting you in control so you are able to plan your free time.

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