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American Fridge Freezers

American Fridge Freezer in a home

Things to consider


The majority of American Fridge Freezers are between 89cm to 93cm wide, so make sure you have enough space. There are 70cm models for those with smaller kitchens.

Don't forget you'll need enough room for the doors to open, and a little space around the appliance for ventilation too.

Water Dispenser

Things to consider

Water & Ice Dispenser

You can enjoy fresh water and ice whenever you like with a dispenser, perfect for filling an ice bucket for a summer barbecue or if you want to encourage your family to drink more water.

Some American Fridge Freezers require plumbing in to your water supply, but many have water tanks that are easily refilled.

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Enjoy Fresh Ice and Water

Water and ice dispenser

A water and ice dispenser allows you to have fresh, chilled water at any time. Many models also offer crushed or cubed ice, so you can serve your favourite drink, just the way you like.

Which one is right for you?


  • Connects to your water supply
  • Fresh water is always available
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  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Easy to refill water tank
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Huge Capacity

The best thing about an American Fridge Freezer is the capacity. You’re getting almost double the space of a standard fridge freezer, so you can store around 3 shopping trolleys worth of groceries.

To make the most of this huge capacity, there are plenty of options when it comes to the layout. Traditional side by side models have the fridge next to the freezer, and often feature adjustable shelves, door storage and salad boxes. Multi-door models have a wider fridge at the top with the freezer at the bottom, usually with drawer type storage, and sometimes offering a flexible temperature zone.


Size Guide

There are 3 things to consider when it comes to fitting your American fridge freezer in to your kitchen. Watch this 30 second size guide for all the key information.

Size Guide

Making Delivery Easy

It's worth thinking about how we're going to get it into your home. Consider restrictions including your entrance door, stairs and awkwardly angled halls.

Making Delivery Easy

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