Major problem with control settings

"This oven looks good and cooks well. However, there is one problem which is paramount. The control panel is set at the standard height but the settings are on the side of the knob, with the indicator at the top, and you need to be at least 5'8" tall to read them. I am 5'5" and need to stand on a stool to see clearly which setting I have the oven on. For this reason alone I cannot recommend this oven."

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This oven is perfect for a large family

"This double oven is fabulous!

Cooking for a family of nine takes a skill in itself, but this Hotpoint oven has made my life so much easier.

The top oven can be used for grilling, solar grilling or as a convection oven, the dials take a bit of getting used to because you don't need to set a temperature for the grill as its already done for you. When grilling you need to have the door open, but as the top oven is quite high, this doesn't cause a problem when you have children constantly under your feet!

The dials themselves are quite high up, and for a shorty like me, I do have to go on tiptoes to see which setting it is on. The top oven has three heights for the shelves.

The bottom oven cooks all ways imaginable, it has an amazing five shelf heights, meaning I can cook enough thin pizzas for the entire family instead of doing them on rotation.

The oven is so quick and efficient at cooking the food, I actually look forward to cooking dinner.

Its easy to clean and looks great."

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