Indesit My Time EWDE7145W Washer/Dryer

"The Indesit washer/dryer has so far proven to be a most easy to use and reliable member of the family giving outstanding results every time at the push of a button, Its quiet, has all the options i require and a super 7kg drum which fits in plenty of laundry. A space saving option rather than having two machines. Laundry has become a pleasure whatever the weather and i am sure this quality machine will provide many years of service for me and my family. Super value for money and highly recommend"

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Indesit washer/dryer super machine!

"The indesit washer dryer is a large machine with a 7kg wash load such a great amount of washing getting done at one time, a great and important feature for me when I'm picking out a new machine is the kg load. with a family of 4 I'm always washing and this 7kg I can get it all done in one wash with still extra room left over. Also a 5kg dry load which is handy for drying the clothes straight afterwards.

The led display makes everything clear on what temperature and dry times you want, when you turn the knob to the corresponding functions on the wash drawer, there is 16 different functions available, it tells you how long it will take and then you can select your preferred temperature and whether you would like to dry your clothes. There is a function for a 45 minute wash which is brilliant to get your clothes washed also drying for 45 minutes so it takes just 90 mins from dirty clothes to wardrobe ready. So quick and easy! Every function is easy to set and use its so simple and well set out. Also the extra customisation of the add ons if you want an extra rinse for example.

The machine has a B energy rating, A wash performance and B rating for spin. I would of personally of give this all As as its a very quiet machine when in use when washing, spinning and drying.

Also another great feature is the delay wash so if I want clothes to wash at a certain time I can just set the timer and not have to worry about forgetting to put the wash on. I love the design everything is set out clearly and well making it easy to use. Clear led display helps a lot for telling you temperature and drying setting your picking for each wash, very modern and stylish design. It washes the clothes fast but effectively also drying them in a short space of time. The big load is perfect for larger family's. Also a standby mode if the machine is left on and not in use. Overall a stylish effective and quiet machine everything you need and more can't fault it and that's why I give it full marks!


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